Luzar Vestments: English Sterling Silver Gothic Chalice

Luzar Vestments - English Sterling Silver Chalice - Gothic style
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English Sterling Silver Gothic Chalice & Paten Ref 6029

English Gothic Chalice & Paten in solid sterling silver.
Chalice made in Birmingham, England, in 1927, bearing the maker's initials 'JR'. Paten made in Birmingham in 1941, with the maker's initials 'HDF&S'.
Chalice and Paten are both hallmarked with English sterling silver hallmarks.
The cup is plain and is gilded on the inside.
The stem is hexagonal in shape.
The knop is engraved with Gothic style decoration.
The six-petalled base has finely engraved foliage and is set with a cross in small red stones.
The edge of the base is finished with fine beading work.
The blending dish Paten is in solid silver and fits the Chalice well. It has an engraved cross to the underside; the top side is gilded.
Chalice height 20.5cm. Base diameter 13cm. Diameter of top of cup 10.5cm. Diameter of Paten 13.5cm. Overall weight of Chalice & Paten 605g.
Complete with the original lined carrying case.
Please ask if you would like any further details or information about this piece.
Price 2,995..

More detailed pictures of this English Gothic Chalice are illustrated below:

Solid silver Gothic Chalice Solid silver Gothic Chalice Solid silver Gothic Chalice

Solid silver Gothic Chalice