Luzar Vestments: Altar Servers Albs, Servers Cassocks and Cottas

Luzar Vestments - Altar Servers Albs, Altar Servers Cassocks and Cottas
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New Altar Servers Albs, Servers Cassocks and Cottas

We usually have a some sizes of each design of Servers Albs, Servers Cassocks and Cottas in stock. Others will be made to order.

Servers Cassocks
Servers Cassocks are made in a washable man made polyester mixed fibre
Single breasted & unlined
Concealed buttons all the way down the front, hidden under a flap
Single Pleat at back
Round neck with collar
Opening on each side to access trouser pockets
Available in Red, Black or Purple
Servers Cottas
Made in a white washable polyester/cotton
Gathered to a square neck
Cassock & Cotta Prices
Prices below are for a set comprising one cassock & one cotta in the relevant size:
L201 - £70 (US$100) - Cassock Length 108cm; Cotta length 64cm.
L202 - £70 (US$100) - Cassock Length 113cm; Cotta length 68cm.
L203 - £80 (US$115) - Cassock Length 120cm; Cotta length 72cm.
L204 - £80 (US$115) - Cassock Length 125cm; Cotta length 76cm.
L205 - £90 (US$130) - Cassock Length 130cm; Cotta length 80cm.
L206 - £90 (US$130) - Cassock Length 135cm; Cotta length 84cm.
L207 - £100 (US$140) - Cassock Length 140cm; Cotta length 88cm.
L208 - £100 (US$140) - Cassock Length 145cm; Cotta length 92cm.
L209 - £125 (US$175)- Cassock Length 150cm; Cotta length 96cm.
L210 - £135 (US$190)- Cassock Length 155cm; Cotta length 100cm.

Hooded Servers Albs
Made in a washable polyester mixed fibre
Two pleats down the centre of back & front
Zip fastening at front neck
Hood at the back
Hooded Alb Prices
Prices below are for the standard sizes we supply. Other sizes can also be made to order.
L221 - £35 (US$50) - Alb Length 108cm.
L222 - £35 (US$50) - Alb Length 113cm.
L223 - £40 (US$60) - Alb Length 120cm.
L224 - £40 (US$60) - Alb Length 125cm.
L225 - £45 (US$65) - Alb Length 130cm.
L226 - £45 (US$65) - Alb Length 135cm.
L227 - £55 (US$80) - Alb Length 140cm.
L228 - £55 (US$80) - Alb Length 145cm.
L229 - £75 (US$105) - Alb Length 150cm.
L230 - £85 (US$120) - Alb Length 155cm.

Servers Albs: Plain Slip-on Cassock Albs
Made in a 100% polyester
Plain design throughout
Slip on style with no fastening required
Side slit to allow access to trouser pockets beneath
Small collar
Plain slip-on Cassock Alb Prices
Prices below are for the standard sizes we supply. Other sizes can also be made to order.
L231 - £35 (US$50) - Alb Length 108cm.
L232 - £35 (US$50) - Alb Length 113cm.
L233 - £40 (US$60) - Alb Length 120cm.
L234 - £40 (US$60) - Alb Length 125cm.
L235 - £45 (US$65) - Alb Length 130cm.
L236 - £45 (US$65) - Alb Length 135cm.
L237 - £55 (US$80) - Alb Length 140cm.
L238 - £55 (US$80) - Alb Length 145cm.
L239 - £75 (US$105) - Alb Length 150cm.
L240 - £85 (US$120) - Alb Length 155cm.

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK and other European Union countries.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.