Luzar Vestments: Altar Servers Cassocks and Cottas

Luzar Vestments - Altar Servers Cassocks and Cottas
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New Altar Servers Cassocks and Cottas

Altar servers' cassocks & cottas are made to order, in the sizes as noted below.

Servers Cassocks
Servers Cassocks are made in a washable man made polyester mixed fibre
Single breasted & unlined
Concealed buttons all the way down the front, hidden under a flap
Single Pleat at back
Round neck with collar
Opening on each side to access trouser pockets
Available in Red or Black
Servers Cottas
Made in a white washable polyester/cotton
Gathered to a square neck
Cassock & Cotta Prices
Prices below are for a set comprising one cassock & one cotta in the relevant size:
L201 - £75 (US$105) - Cassock Length 108cm; Cotta length 64cm.
L202 - £75 (US$105) - Cassock Length 113cm; Cotta length 68cm.
L203 - £85 (US$115) - Cassock Length 120cm; Cotta length 72cm.
L204 - £85 (US$115) - Cassock Length 125cm; Cotta length 76cm.
L205 - £95 (US$135) - Cassock Length 130cm; Cotta length 80cm.
L206 - £95 (US$135) - Cassock Length 135cm; Cotta length 84cm.
L207 - £110 (US$155) - Cassock Length 140cm; Cotta length 88cm.
L208 - £110 (US$155) - Cassock Length 145cm; Cotta length 92cm.
L209 - £130 (US$185)- Cassock Length 150cm; Cotta length 96cm.
L210 - £140 (US$200)- Cassock Length 155cm; Cotta length 100cm.

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.