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Luzar Vestments - Amices
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Amices: Second-Hand

We usually have a variety of second-hand Amices in stock. These currently include plain linen Amices, along with a selection of antique and second-hand linen decorative Amices. Below are items from our current stock, but our stock does change all the time, so please contact us for up to date details of availability.

Linen Amice Linen Amice
Ref 6757. £50.
Ref 6756. £60.

Linen Amice Linen Amice
Ref 6744. £12.
Ref 6740. £12.

Linen Amice Linen Amice
Ref 6498. £25.
Ref 6497. £50.

Plain Linen Amice
Ref 3313 - Plain Linen Amices - exact design may vary. Price £6 each.