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Luzar Vestments - Aspergillium, Holy Water Vats, Church Brass Vases, Alms Dish, PAX Brede
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Other Second-Hand Brass: Holy Water Vats, Aspergillium, Vases, Alms Dish, PAX Brede, etc.
Below are some items currently currently available in stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information. A brand new Holy Water Vat and Aspergillium is illustrated at the bottom of the page. This is usually kept in stock for immediate delivery.

Other Second-hand Brass & Metalware:

Ref 7650. Pair of white Porcelein Vases, finished with gold decoration. Height 25cm; base 10cm x 7.5cm. Price £425.

Ref 7637. Pax Brede, silver and gold plated, 20th century Baroque style. Depicting Jesus and the Disciples in the Upper Room.
Height 20cm; width 16cm. Price £495.

Ref 7387. Victorian brass Alms Dish. Diameter 38cm. Price £650.

Ref 4708. Silver plated tray - size 30cm x 22.5cm. Price £30.

Holy Water Vat & Aspergillium: Brand New:

Ref T320. Price £350. In stock