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Bells: Sanctuary & Sacristy
Below are some Sanctuary Bells and Gongs currently available in stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information, or for more details on items pictured below. Brand new Sanctuary Bells and Sanctus Gongs are illustrated further down the page; these are usually kept in stock for immediate delivery.

Sacristy Bells & Sanctuary Gongs: Second-hand

Sanctuary Bells Sanctus Gong
Ref 7016. Height 33cm. Price 580.
Ref 6361. Height 32cm. Price 700.

Sanctuary Bell Sanctuary Bell Sanctuary Bell Sanctuary Bell
Ref 6132 - Sanctuary Bell with the four Evangelists. Price 150. Overall height 12cm.

Sacristy Bell Sacristy Bell Sacristy Bell Sacristy Bell
Sacristy Bell Ref 5944. Price 750.
Size of bell 21cm high x 14cm diameter; Bracket 30cm long x 11cm wide; hangs 28cm out from wall overall; Overall length including chain 87cm.

Sacristy Bell Ref 4580. Price 350.

Sanctuary Bells and Gongs: Brand New

The brand new bells shown below are usually in stock for immediate delivery.
Ref T201. Price 195. In stock.
Ref T202. Price 240. In stock.

Ref T250. 26cm diameter. Price 295. Available to order.
T251. 32cm diameter. Price 395. Available to order.