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Benediction Candelabra
Below are some Benediction Candelabra currently available in stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information, or for more details on items pictured below.

Ref 8289. Height 36cm.
3 branch Benediction Candelabra. Price £495.

Ref 8169. Height 48cm.
7 branch adjustable Candelabra. Price £1,300.

Ref 7932. Height 54cm; Candle socket 2cm.
5 branch adjustable Candelabra. Price £1,250.

Ref 7800. Height 35.5cm; candle socket 1.8cm. Price £640.

Ref 7308. Height 56.5cm; width 50cm. Price £1,300.

Ref 7215. Height 51.5cm; length 46cm. Price £950.