Luzar Vestments - Altar Crucifixes, Altar Candlesticks and High Altar Sets

Luzar Vestments - Altar Crucifixes, Cross, Candlesticks, High Altar Sets
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Altar Crucifixes, Altar Candlesticks and High Altar Sets: Antique and Second-Hand
Below are some Altar Crosses, Altar Candlesticks and High Altar Sets which are currently available in stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information.

Altar Crucifixes:
Altar Crucifix Altar Cross Cathedral Baroque Altar Crucifix Brass Altar Crucifix Altar Crucifix French Baroque Altar Crucifix
Ref 7491.£1800.
Ref 7489. £1,750.
Ref 7422. £1,895.
Ref 7421. £1,450.
Ref 7404. £2,100.
Ref 7351. £695.
Height 86cm.
Height 81cm.
Height 136cm.
Height 78cm.
Height 84cm.
Height 80cm.

Altar Crucifix Brass Victorian Gothic Altar Crucifix Brass Gothic Altar Crucifix Brass Altar Crucifix
Ref 7309. £1,650.
Ref 7306. £1,600.
Ref 7212. £385.
Ref 6350. £1,100.
Ref 4696. Price £150.
Height 84cm.
Height 76cm.
Height 47cm.
Height 88cm.
Height 43.5cm.

Altar Candlesticks: Pairs
Gothic Altar Candlesticks Victorian Altar Candlesticks Altar Candlesticks Altar Candlesticks
Ref 7418. Height 50cm.
Ref 7305. Height 91cm.
Ref 7216. Height 38cm.
Ref 7176. Height 26.5cm.
Price £895.
Price £1,995.
Price £950.
Price £450.

Altar Candlesticks Pair Brass Altar Candlesticks
Ref 6981. Height 31cm.
Ref 6898. Height 60.5cm.
Price £295.
Price £550.

Sets comprising pair of Candlesticks with matching Crucifix:
Brass Gothic Altar Set
Ref 6125. Crucifix height 107cm; Candlestick height 63cm. Price £4,200.

Ref 4085. Price £1,650.
Crucifix height 71cm.

Sets with Four Candlesticks and Crucifix:
Ref 5113. Very ornate set made in brass and bronze, partly silver plated to provide a two-tone effect.
Height - Candlesticks 62cm; Crucifix 87cm. Price £5,500.

High Altar Sets with Six Candlesticks and Crucifix:
High Altar Set of Candlesticks
Ref 6622. Solid brass early 20th Regency style High Altar Set comprising six candlesticks with a crucifix. Price £4,500.
Candlesticks 48.5cm high.
Crucifix 80cm high by 21cm across the arms;

High Altar Set of Candlesticks
Ref 6253. Height - Candlesticks 57cm; Crucifix 80cm. Price £4,500.