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Processional Crucifixes: Second-Hand
Below are some Processional Crucifixes currently available from our stock, including one in solid silver, and two in brass. Our stock is changing all the time, so please contact us for up to date details.

Splendid Cathedral style Processional Crucifix Ref 6855. Brass Crucifix with ebony rod finished in brass.
Finished with large cabuchon stones, fleur de lys and fine engraving work.
Comes apart into three sections for storage. Overall Height when assembled 254cm; Crucifix section measures 47cm wide by 80cm high maximum.
Price 1,895.

Brass Processional Crucifix Ref 6404.
Overall Height 183cm; Crucifix 28.5cm wide maximum.
Price 875.

Brass Processional Crucifix Ref 4559.
Overall Height 188cm; Crucifix 39cm wide maximum.
Price 1,450.