Luzar Vestments: French Sunburst Monstrance

Luzar Vestments - French Sunburst Monstrance
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French Sunburst Monstrance Ref 6896

French brass gilt sunburst Monstrance, complete with Lunette.
Monstrance made in the first part of the 20th century in France. It is made in brass which is gilded all over.
The Monstrance is in a sunburst style, with decorative rays come out from the centre in a circular form.
The central portion of the Monstrance has six coloured round enamels, depicting the Four Evangelists, together with St Peter & St Paul.
Set between the enamels are six red stones.
The central glass is surrounded with diamante effect stones and decorative work.
The gilded decorative work is repeated on the back of the Monstrance.
The top of the Monstrance is surmounted with a decorative cross at the top set with a larger red stone in the centre.
The round stem leads to the knop, which is finished with engraving work and red stones.
The quatrefoil petalled base is finished decorative work, set with large red stones.
The Monstrance stands on four decorative feet.
The height of the Monstrance is 60cm. The width across the sunburst top is 34cm & the base is 20cm across. The weight of the Monstrance is 1,752g.
The matching Lunette is gilded, and has glass on both sides. It fits the Monstrance well. The internal diameter of the Lunette is 5.4cm.
This Monstrance is in excellent condition throughout. Please ask if you would like any further details or information about this piece.
Price: £2,500.

More detailed pictures of this French Sunburst Monstrance are illustrated below:

French Sunburst Monstrance French Sunburst Monstrance French Sunburst Monstrance French Sunburst Monstrance