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Altar & Credence Cloths, Pulpit Falls, Veils, etc: Second-hand

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The pictures below are some items currently in stock, including Credence Cloths, Lectern and Pulpit Falls, Tabernacle Veils. We often also have Altar Cloths, although we don't have any at the present time. Our stock is changing all the time, so please contact us for up to date details and availability.

Credence Cloths:
Lace cloth Credence cloth
Ref 6955. Price 8.00.
Ref 6954. Price 15.00.
Size 24cm x 24cm.
Size 62cm x 46cm.

Linen cloth Linen cloth Lace cloth
Ref 6787. Price 10.
Ref 6786. Price 10.
Ref 6221. Price 25.
Size 104cm x 60cm.
Size 104cm x 60cm.
Size 35cm x 35cm.

Lectern & Pulpit Falls:
6177 Green Pulpit Fall
Ref 6177. Price 10.
Ref 5097. Price 30.
Size of fall 31.5 x 65cm.
Overall Size 294cm x 49cm.

Ref 6178. Superfrontal. Size 19cm x 172cm + mensa cloth. Price 20.

Tabernacle Veil:
Ref 5295. 83cm diameter. Price 10.