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Altar & Credence Cloths, Pulpit Falls, Veils, etc: Second-hand

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The pictures below are some items currently in stock, including Altar Cloths, Credence Cloths, Ciborium Veils, Lectern and Pulpit Falls, Tabernacle Veils etc. Our stock is changing all the time, so please contact us for up to date details and availability.

Ciborium Veils:
Cloth of Gold Ciborium Veil Cloth of Gold Ciborium Veil Cloth of Gold Ciborium Veil
Ref 7822 - Cloth of Gold Embroidered Ciborium Veil, with gold bullion embroidery to all four sides.
To suit large Ciborium. Overall size 65cm from end to end. Price 380.

Credence Cloths:
Credence Cloth Credence Cloth Credence Cloth
Ref 8281. Price 25.
Ref 8261. Price 10.
Ref 8260. Price 15.
Size 84cm x 84cm.
Size 78cm x 75cm.
Size 79cm x 80cm.

Credence Cloth Credence Cloth Credence Cloth
Ref 8259. Price 10.
Ref 8258. Price 10.
Ref 8257. Price 10.
Size 90cm x 78cm.
Size 92cm x 52cm.
Size 84cm x 78cm.

Lace Credence Cloth Lace cloth Credence cloth Lace cloth
Ref 7021. Price 40.
Ref 6955. Price 8.
Ref 6954. Price 15.
Ref 6221. Price 25.
Size 36cm x 36cm.
Size 24cm x 24cm.
Size 62cm x 46cm.
Size 35cm x 35cm.

Lectern or Pulpit Fall:
6177 Green Pulpit Fall
Ref 6177. Price 10.
Size of fall 31.5 x 65cm.

Tabernacle Veils:
Ref 8186. French, in red velvet with gold bullion embroidery & gold bullion fringe.
Curtains measure: 46cm wide x 65cm long including fringe (in total).
Price 150.

Ref 8121. Price 10.
Each curtain: 55cm wide x 40cm deep including fringe.

Ref 7843. Lace Curtains. Price 50.
Ref 7194. Price 20.
Ref 5295. Price 10.
67cm high x 96cm wide (in total).
40cm high x 36cm wide (in total).
83cm diameter.