Luzar Vestments: Altar Linens, Purificators, Corporals, Lavabo Towels, Palls

Luzar Vestments - Altar Linens, Purificators, Corporals, Lavabo Towels, Palls
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New Altar Linens

Simple Altar Linens:
The following Altar Linens are usually available in stock, and can be posted to you.
L005a. Purificator.
L006a. Lavabo Towel.
L007a. Corporal.
L008. Concelebration Corporal.
50 x 28cm.
38 x 22cm.
48cm square.
59cm square.
Price £7. (US$9)
Price £6. (US$7)
Price £8. (US$10)
Price £18. (US$21)

L009. Pall.
Ref L001. Amice.
18cm square. Price £10. (US$12)
91 x 62cm. Price £15. (US$18)

L010: Embroidered Altar Linen Sets
Embroidered Altar Linen Sets. Each set comprises the pieces shown in the picture. Price £45 (US$55) per set. Designs illustrated usually available immediately from stock.
L010c. Price £45. (US$55)
L010d. Price £45. (US$55)

L040: Apparelled Amices
Apparelled Amices can be made to order using a variety of different braids & fabrics. Apparels can usually be made to match a particular set of vestments. The apparel is supplied with a detachable Amice. Some examples of standard Apparelled Amices are illustrated below. Prices from £55 (US$65)each.

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK and other European Union countries.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.