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New Birettas

We supply hand-made traditional Birettas for Prelates and Bishops. Available only in the sizes as shown below each item.

All Birettas are fully lined in the appropriate colour, and are finished with the pompom as shown. They will be delivered folded, and can easily be put into position ready for wearing on receipt.
Birettas are sized in metric hat sizes - i.e. the circumference of the head at the widest point, in centimetres.

Birettas are in stock only in the sizes as shown above for each individual style.

Bishop's Birettas

Ref B003 - £60 (US$70) - Bishop's Birettas - Hand made in purple throughout. Available in sizes 56cm, 57cm, 61cm, 62cm & 63cm.

Prelate's Birettas

Ref B004 - £60 (US$70) - Prelate's Birettas - Hand made in black with purple pom-pom and red lining. Available in sizes 57cm, 58cm only.

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.