Luzar Vestments: Altar Frontals & Sanctuary Furnishings

Luzar Vestments - Altar Frontals, Sanctuary Furnishings, Pulpit Falls, Tabernacle Curtains
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We regularly make Altar Frontals and other Sanctuary Furnishings. This includes items such as Lecturn Falls, Tabernacle Veils, Pulpit Falls, as well as Altar Cloths, Altar Frontals and Super Frontals. All these items are made to measure individually to fit. Furnishings can be made to match many of our vestments, and there is a wide choice of fabrics and finishings. We can also undertake restoration of old Altar Frontals. Below are some pictures of work we have undertaken. If you would like to discuss a quotation for sanctuary furnishings, please do contact us.
Altar Frontal Altar Frontal Altar Frontal
Altar Frontal Altar Cloth
Altar Frontal Altar Frontal
Altar Frontal Our Lady of Walsingham Marian Altar Frontal