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New Girdles

The following designs of brand new girdles in all liturgical colours shown are usually available from stock:

Ref L040. Available in White, Green, Red, Purple, Gold, Black, as shown. Length 405cm. Price £30 (US$35) each.

Ref L030. Available in white/gold, green/gold, red/gold, purple/gold, as shown. Length 425cm. Price £90 (US$105) each.

Ref L031. Available from stock in Green, Red, Purple, as shown. Length 425cm. Price £45 (US$55) each.
Gold shown for illustration only. This girdle is only now available in Green, Red & Purple.

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.