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Ref RH504: Italian style High Mass Sets
These Vestments are generally made to order and have the following features:

High Mass Sets can include any of the following pieces: Latin style Chasuble, Dalmatics, Tunicles, Copes (Celebrant's & Cantors'), Humeral Veil, Stoles, Maniples, Chalice Veil, Burse.
Sets would be made from a choice of silk fabrics with satin or similar lining throughout.
All pieces are richly hand embroidered in modern gold and/or coloured silk embroidery threads, using traditional Italian patterns & designs.
Available, usually to order only, in all liturgical colours.

Quotations will be provided on application. Price dependent on the exact fabrics chosen, and on the amount of embroidery and specific pieces required. Some examples of sets made follow:

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