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Humeral Veils:
All Humeral Veils are made in damask or brocade and are fully lined. They are finished with braid or embroidery, and fringe to the ends. A selection of the styles we regularly make are shown below. We can also make Humeral Veils to other deisgns and fabrics of your choosing should you wish. White and gold Humeral Veils are illustrated below; all other liturgical colours can also be supplied.

GV001 W1. Price £450 (US$525).
GV001 W2. Price £450 (US$525).

GV001 M1. Price £450 (US$525).
GV002. Price £500 (US$585).

GV005. Price £550 (US$645).
GV003 G1. Price £750 (US$875).

GV003 G2. Price £750 (US$875).
GV003 W1. Price £595 (US$695).

Red Humeral Veil Red Humeral Veil
GV003 R1. Price £750 (US$875).

RV001. Price £595 (US$695).
RV003 G1. Price £1,100 (US$1,285).
RV003 W1. Price £850 (US$995).

RV258. Price £850 (US$995).

UK£ prices include VAT for purchases in the UK.
US$ prices are an estimate for purchases sent to the USA and all other countries outside the European Union. The exchange rate may vary on the actual purchase.