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Marian Gothic Low Mass Sets: Embroidered
We make Gothic Low Mass Vestments embroidered in many different designs. These Vestments are hand made, mainly hand embroidered on both front & back. They are in full Gothic style, and most are fully lined. All Vestments come complete with a Stole; some also have a Chalice Veil, Burse and/or Maniple. Vestments can also be made to order, to one of our regular designs, or to a design of your own choosing. Please ask for details if you have a particular requirement.

A selection from our regular designs:
Ref GL565 - In stock now for immediate delivery.
Hand embroidered Marian Low Mass Set embroidered in gold metal thread to front & back panels of Chasuble.
Set comprises Chasuble, Stole, Chalice Veil & Burse. All pieces fully lined. Price 1,750.

Ref GL551.
Ref GL552.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Vestment Our Lady of Guadalupe Vestment Our Lady of Guadalupe Vestment
Ref GL564.