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Marian Latin Low Mass Sets: Embroidered
Marian Latin Low Mass Vestments are available with many different embroidered designs. These Vestments are hand made, mainly hand embroidered on both front & back. They are in traditional Latin style, and are fully lined. All come complete with all 5 pieces - Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil & Burse. Vestments can also be made to order, to one of our regular designs, or to a design of your own choosing. Please ask for details if you have a particular requirement. Prices for any of these designs can be provided on request.

Ref RL557 - White Marian Low Mass Set with 5 embroidered pieces.

Ref RL558 - White Marian Low Mass Set with 5 embroidered pieces.

Ref RL560 - White Marian hand embroidered Low Mass Set with 5 pieces.

Ref RL561 - White Marian Low Mass Set with 5 pieces.

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