Luzar Vestments: Brand New Embroidered Chalice Palls

Luzar Vestments - Brand New Embroidered Chalice Palls
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New Embroidered Palls

We have many different designs of embroidered Chalice Palls, and in all the different liturgical colours. Those illustrated on this page are currently in stock.

Embroidered Palls with medallions:
Machine embroidered Palls in white or gold, various designs, finished with metal medallions dedicated to various Saints or Religious Symbols. Size 17cm square.
Price for each as stated below. All the Palls illustrated below are currently in stock.
Embroidered Chalice Pall The Resurrection Embroidered Chalice Pall Holy Family Pall White Embroidered Pall Evangelists Pall White Evangelists Pall Gold
Ref L024. £50.
Ref L025. £50.
Ref L027. £50.
Ref L028. £50.
Ref L026. White. £95.
Ref L026. Gold. £95.

L029: High Quality Embroidered Palls (17cm square):
High quality machine embroidered Palls in various designs & colours, 17cm square, edged in narrow gold lace. All the Palls illustrated below are currently in stock. Price £40 each.
Embroidered Chalice Pall Victorious Lamb Embroidered Chalice Pall
Ref L029C. £40.
Ref L029J. £40.

L012: Embroidered Palls:
Ref L012 - £18. Palls - embroidered in various designs, available in all liturgical colours. 18cm square. To order, please state the reference number you would like. All the Palls shown below are currently in stock.

L012 01G10.
L012 01G11.
L012 02G1.
L012 02G2.
L012 02G3.
L012 10G.
L012 11G3.
L012 11G2.

L012 13G1.
L012 14G5.
L012 16G.
L012 20G1.
L012 20G2.
L012 28G2.
L012 41G1.

L012 42G.
L012 44G.
L012 06S.
L012 12S.
L012 21S1.
L012 30S1.
L012 01W5.

L012 01W7.
L012 01W8.
L012 01W11.
L012 01W12.
L012 01W13.
L012 02W3.
L012 02W4.
L012 04W5.

L012 04W6.
L012 14W11.
L012 14W12.
L012 15W6.
L012 15W7.
L012 21W3.
L012 22W.

L012 25W.
L012 41W1.
L012 41W2.
L012 41W3.
L012 45W2.
L012 48W1.
L012 49W1.

L012 49W2.
L012 50W1.
L012 60W1.

L012 32G3.
L012 32G4.
L012 33S2.
L012 33W.
L012 34S3.
L012 34S4.
L012 34S5.
L012 34W2.

L012 35S1.
L012 35G1.
L012 35W2.
L012 35W3.
L012 58S1.

L012 02Gr5.
L012 04Gr.
L012 14Gr4.
L012 15Gr6.
L012 20Gr.
L012 20Gr2.

L012 20Gr3.
L012 21Gr.
L012 21Gr4.
L012 21Gr6.
L012 21Gr7.
L012 22Gr.
L012 52Gr2.

L012 01P1.
L012 01P2.
L012 01P3.
L012 02P4.
L012 04P2.
L012 12P.
L012 14P3.
L012 14P4.

L012 15P2.
L012 20P.
L012 20P2.
L012 21P2.
L012 21P3.

L012 01R4.
L012 02R1.
L012 02R3.
L012 04R1.
L012 05R2.
L012 09R2.
L012 14R4.
L012 15R2.

L012 15R3.
L012 16R.
L012 18R.
L012 20R.
L012 21R4.
L012 21R5.

L012 02Bs.
L012 05B.
L012 16B.
L012 21B2.
L012 21B3.
L012 21B4.

L012 02Ro1.
L012 06Ro2.
L012 06Ro4.
L012 12Ro3.
L012 14Ro4.
L012 14Ro6.
L012 14Ro7.
L012 15Ro1.

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