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J502: Braided Stoles: Roman
Made in quality damask, finished with gold or silver bullion braid, in a variety of fabrics. Finished with gold or silver bullion fringe. Some designs will usually be in stock, and samples are illustrated below. Please do ask if you have specific requirements not illustrated.
Price: From £170 (From US$200).
** Denotes currently in stock

White Roman Preaching Stole White Roman Preaching Stole Gold Roman Preaching Stole Gold Roman Preaching Stole Red Roman Preaching Stole Red Roman Preaching Stole
J502 W1.
J502 W2.
J502 W3.
** J502 W4.
J502 Go1.
J502 Go2.
** J502 R1.
** J502 R2.

Black Roman Preaching Stole Black Roman Preaching Stole
J502 G1.
** J502 G2.
J502 G3.
** J502 G4.
J502 B1.
** J502 B2.
** J502 B3.
** J502 B4.

J502 P1.
J502 P2.
J502 P3.
J502 P4.
J502 P5.
J502 P6.
** J502 P7.

These Stoles can also be made in a reversible format, fully finished on both sides.
Illustrated below is a white/purple reversible Stole which is currently in stock.
Other variations of colours and/or fabrics can be made to order.
Price: £220 (US$260).
** Denotes currently in stock
Reversible White-Purple Stole Reversible White-Purple Stole
J502 WP1.
White Side.
Purple Side.

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