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Antique and Second-Hand Roman Vestments

We always have a large selection of antique and second-hand Roman Vestments. Most of these are in good condition, suitable for use in Church, unless stated otherwise. We usually have stock of Low Mass Sets in all liturgical colours, which would include White, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Black, Marian.
Designs and finishings vary greatly. There are plain sets for everyday use which are often finished with the orphrey outlined in braid, and perhaps a motif to the centre of the Chasuble. Then there are many embroidered vestments, from simpler to stunning, heavily embroidered sets for special Feast Days or Solemnities.
Many of the best Roman Vestments we have are antique, with very high quality embroidery, which can be worked in a variety of styles including metal bullion, flat couchwork, coloured silk embroidery needlepoint work. These vestments will also be made in fine antique fabrics including silk damask and woven brocade. Nearly all of the antique vestments are fully lined. Many vestments date from the 19th century, and we also have many from the 20th century. We occasionally have sets from the 18th century or earlier.
Wherever possible, Chasubles are supplied with the original matching pieces: Stole, Chalice Veil, Burse & Maniple, and occasionally also a matching Pall. The pieces available with each set are noted against the individual vestment on the relevant page.

Follow the links below to see our current stock of Roman Vestments (Low Mass Sets) in the various liturgical colours:

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Roman Low Mass Vestments: Gold
Roman Low Mass Vestments: Green
Roman Low Mass Vestments: Marian
Roman Low Mass Vestments: Purple
Roman Low Mass Vestments: Red
Roman Low Mass Vestments: Rose
Roman Low Mass Vestments: White