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Second Hand, Antique and Brand New Monstrances

Below are some Monstrances currently available in our stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information, or for more details on items pictured below.

Monstrances: Antique and Second-hand:

Antique French Monstrance ref 7405 Antique Gothic Monstrance ref 7503 Antique French Monstrance ref 7492 Sterling Silver Monstrance ref 7405 Antique French Baroque Exposition Monstrance ref 7168 French Antique Baroque Monstrance ref 7097
Ref 7518.
Ref 7503.
Ref 7492.
Ref 7405.
Ref 7168.
Ref 7097.
Price £4,150.
Price £9,500.
Price £4,150.
Price £1,275.
Price £16,800.
Price £7,500.

Antique French Silver Sunburst Monstrance ref 7096 Antique French Silver Sunburst Monstrance ref 6682 Antique French Silver Monstrance ref 6657 Antique Silver Sunburst Monstrance ref 5414
Ref 7096.
Ref 6682.
Ref 6657.
Ref 5414.
Price £8,500.
Price £7,300.
Price £16,500.
Price £6,995.

Monstrances: Brand New:

Sunburst style Monstrance M104

M104. Available to Order - P.O.A.