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Ciborium - Antique, used, second-hand Ciborium, Baroque, Gothic Romanesque styles
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Second Hand and Antique Ciborium
Below are some Ciborium currently available in stock, but our stock is changing all the time, so please do contact us for up to date information, or for more details on any of the Ciborium pictured below.
All our prices are in UK pounds sterling. For an approximate conversion to US Dollars or Euros, please do ask, and we can estimate a current price.

Solid silver gilt antique French Chapel Set Poussilegue-Rusand
Ref 5712.

Sterling Silver English Antique Ciborium Sterling Silver Gilt English Ciborium Carl Krall Ciborium Ornate French antique Poussielgue-Rusand solid silver gilt Ciborium Ornate antique solid silver gilt French Ciborium
Ref 6823. Price 2,995.
Ref 6822. Price 925.
Ref 6695. Price 3,200.
Ref 6566. Price 1,950.
Ref 6557. Price 3,750.
Height 30.5cm.
Height 18cm.
Height 21cm.
Height 22cm.
Height 33cm.

French solid silver gilt Ciborium Ornate antique solid silver Baroque French Ciborium Ornate antique solid silver gilt Ciborium Large Baroque style solid silver Ciborium
Ref 6502. Price 875.
Ref 6438. Price 3,200.
Ref 4868. Price 3,600.
Ref 3067. Price 3,500
Height 29cm.
Height 36cm.
Height 28cm.
Height 38.5cm.